Wednesday , February 1 2023

Commissioner Rolando Wilson officially cut the ribbon of the reconstructed Mary’s Point Trail

Commissioner Rolando Wilson officially cut the ribbon of the Mary’s Point rail. He congratulated the Saba Conservation Foundation board and staff for doing a tremendous work on the trail. Also big thanks went to all volunteers that assisted in many ways possible.

In photo: Commissioner Rolando Wilson, Island Councilman Eviton Heliyger and partner, Head of Saba Conversation Kyle Wolf, Island Secretary Tim Muller, Meno van de Velde and family, Ranger Mr.James Johnson, and Ryan (Photo Rolando Wilson)

On the hike to Mary’s Point you pass by many old time cisterns and foundations from the old homes and some grave tombs. This trail has a lot of history. Mr. Wilson encourages the schools, visitors, and the community of Saba to take time out to visit this exiting trail.

Part of the reconstructed trail to Mary’s Point (Photo Rolando Wilson)

Please contact Saba Conservation Foundation ( Rangers) if any assistance needed during the hike.



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