Wednesday , December 6 2023

PCN requests a “Proof of life Declaration” (ADV)

The request for “proof of life” declarations have been sent out since the 10th of September 2018. It is mandatory for pensioners and persons receiving a benefit from PCN to have this filled in by their local census registry office or any other competent authority and have it returned to PCN. If this is not done the benefit will stop until it has been received.

We urge all persons on SABA who have NOT yet received this by post mail to contact PCN at 4166860 or <>  no later than Friday October 12th, 2018 so that, PCN representative Ingra Bennett (who will be on Saba on October 15th ) can have this documentation readily available for you.


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  1. When at last will that be automized just like it happens in the Netherlands?!