Wednesday , February 28 2024

Enjoy Saba through the eyes of Heleen Cornet

After forty years of creative work, Heleen has recently published a book depicting a summary of her paintings. It is amazing to see what the variety of her work is and the number of top quality paintings she shared with us.

This book not only shows the excellence of Helen’s qualities but also advertises the beauty of Saba and her sister islands. If you would like to share Saba’s natural beauty and community with your loved ones or retain this moment for your self, this may be the perfect Christmas gift.

“Artist on Saba” The beauty of the Unspoiled Queen captured in 400 paintings – Heleen Cornet

Heleen allows you peeping at the contents of her book here.

By if you like it. Soon it will be available on Saba at the Five Square Gallery, but if you can’t wait, order it from Amazon. You will also find her other books here.

It will be a great Christmas or Sinterklaas gift. Always hard to find something that has real value.


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