Wednesday , February 28 2024

Saba: insufficient money for necessary maintenance

Saba has insufficient financial resources to carry out necessary maintenance of infrastructure, buildings and public facilities. In the budget for 2019, 450,0000 dollars is reserved for this. The port only has already accumulated 350,000 dollars.
This is shown in the response from the Financial Supervision Council to the draft budget.

The island is counting on a slight increase in income to 12.2 million dollars. Thanks to an unforeseen budget of 110,000 dollars, the budget is closing to the penny. The Executive Council expects to realize surpluses in the coming years.

Saba generates hardly any income itself, 9.3 million comes from the free benefit, on which adds another 1.4 million extra contributions from ministries. The island has 7.3 million in personnel costs. Converted to full-time jobs, 192 people work in the public service.

The Financial Supervision Council notes that Saba has received an unqualified audit opinion for its annual accounts for the fourth consecutive year. The financial management is in order, notes the CFT. Saba is thus an exception in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

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  1. That is why on Saba the road tax, that is very low, should get higher.