Saturday , December 2 2023

Activity restaurant “Different Taste” opens November 13th in Chez Bubba – updated

On November 13th, Saba a new activity restaurant will open on Sabba, called “Different Taste“. Different Taste will be held every Tuesday in the existing restaurant of Chez Bubba, located in the middle of Windward Side.

Different Taste will offer an activity program for people with certain challenges in life. In the kitchen and in the dining area, participants of the program help to prepare dishes, set tables, welcome guests, and serve food and drinks.

This so-called ‘Social Dining Concept’ is a new concept within the Caribbean and was set up from a broad cooperation between the Benevolent Foundation Saba, the Public Entity Saba and Mental Health Caribbean.

Different Taste is part of the Saba Life Plus program of the Benevolent Foundation Saba. Saba Life Plus focuses on organizing daycare activities for people with psychiatric- and/or addiction challenges, for example substance abuse.

Different Taste is supported by a wide range of professionals:

Professionals from left to right:
Sander Ulehake (project manager), Claire Verbeke-Nuyens (Owner Chez Bubba) John Simmons (Guidance officer), Joy-Ann Robinson (Guidance officer). Hidde Verbeke (professional Chef and owner Chez Bubba) Pieter van Amsterdam (Director Benevolent Foundation Saba)

The Team

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