Saturday , December 2 2023

Four Special Government Enforcers (BAVPOL) sworn in on Saba

On Wednesday, October 24th, four candidates namely; Alexandria Hassell, Judella Heyliger, Kai Wulf, and Randall Johnson took their oath and was sworn in as Special Government Enforcers (BAVPOL).

The Island Governor Jonathan Johnson stressed during the ceremony that the candidates went through a strenuous course in 9 days that usually takes a few months to complete. He congratulated all on their accomplishment and thanked everyone that worked behind the scenes to make this a reality for Saba, as this has been in the works for some time. Special thanks to previous Disaster Management Coordinator Ms.Fanny de Swarte, who was key in organizing the training on Saba and to the Head prosecutor of the BES, Mr. Bote ter Steege.

BAVPOL translates as extraordinary agent of police. These are classically and historically civil servants or appointed by local governments but at the same time mandated by the Minister of Justice and Security, thereby granted special investigative powers. These individuals will supervise and enforce on matters important to Government in the public domain.


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