Saturday , February 4 2023

Three secondary schools join Technique Region

In October, the directors of Gwendoline van Putten School in St. Eustatius, Scholengemeenschap Bo­naire SGB and Saba Com­prehensive School signed a collaboration agreement to proceed together as a Tech­nique Region.

These three schools join hands to make youngsters acquainted with technique and to encourage more stu­dents to choose a technique programme, followed by a job in the local technical field. With this initiative the schools aim to develop a durable, comprehensive and high-quality technique course offering.

This cooperation was made possible by an extra finan­cial injection from the Min­istry of Education, Culture and Science to respond to the pressing need for good technical education in the Caribbean Netherlands. The demand in the la­bour market for more well-trained technical person­nel is growing. At the same time, schools are faced with decreasing student numbers and a decline in the number of youngsters choosing the technical curriculum. Following the agreement, the schools are now expect­ed to deliver a regional plan before April 1, 2019, based on a joint vision for the 2020-2023 period.

The Daily Herald.

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