Wednesday , February 28 2024

JGCN breaks silence during Week against Child Abuse

“See, Say, Stop!” is the slogan of Youth Care and Family Guardianship JGCN during Week Against Child Abuse which will be taking place from today, Monday, November 19, until Sunday, No­vember 25.

JGCN wants to break the silence around child abuse, be­cause no child deserves to be mistreated. “Almost every­one sees it or experiences it, but often nothing is said or done, and a nasty and often unexplored reality will form, with all its consequences. That is why it is so important to make child abuse more debatable,” JGCN said in a brief statement on Sunday.

There are five forms of child abuse: physical abuse, emo­tional and psychological abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse and neglect.

“Discuss it when you recognize one or more forms of child abuse and inform aid organizations so that they can help to protect a child,” JGCN says.

JGCN prioritizes the safety of children in the Carib­bean Netherlands and child abuse is in direct violation of this safety. “It is in the general interest that there is more awareness about child abuse,” the organization is saying in urging residents to break the silence surrounding child abuse. JGCN may be contacted via tel. 715-7201.

The Daily Herald.

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