Friday , March 24 2023

Opinion: suggestions for improving the pond at Cove Bay

Dear Editor,

The new stone and soil retaining wall at the swim pond at Cove Bay has apparently reduced the inflow of floating seaweed (I believe that this is mainly sargassum). However, it has also created essentially a dead sea zone within the pond now. The is no marine life, no small fish, no entry of various molusks, except for the wonderful entry of the nesting green turtle.

The long standing water exit at the west end of the pond has been fully closed. At this location there is a sea bed ledge about one meter below the sea level. I suggest that several 18-24″ steel “culverts” be installed below sea level at this point. The sea weed entry is primarily floating on the surface. With this idea the surface flow would be blocked, however the pond would be able to cleanse itself and allow the marine life to return

Further, especially since the Government is actively supporting an agricultural revival, the support of any beached sea weed would further help. Across the world, sea weed is regularly used for mulch and fertilization of farms near the sea.

Roger King


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