Friday , March 24 2023

Support and patrol vessel, Queen Beatrix II, found adrift on the Saba Bank

On Saturday, the coast guard vessel Zr.Ms Zeeland, on patrol, detected an unmanned vessel adrift on the Saba Bank. It appeared to be new support and patrol vessel of the Saba Bank Management Unit, the Queen Beatrix II. The Brugteam of the Zr.Ms. Zeeland concluded, after calls via the ship’s horn, that there was no sign of life on board. The Ship-boarding team of Zr.Ms. Zeeland tried to start the vessel after embarkation, but they had no success.

The new support and patrol vessel of the Saba Bank Management Unit, Queen Beatrix II

The Saba harbor master was warned who confirmed that the vessel was adrift. The owner is on his way to start the boat and return safely to the port of Saba.

Coast guard Zr. Ms Zeeland

Note Editor

Photo of the Queen Beatrix II has been updated

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