Friday , March 31 2023

New plans for marina at Fort Bay Harbor

US-based company Applied Technology and Management (ATM) has been asked to draft a plan that will enhance the amenities and facilities at the new Fort Bay Harbor. A team of ATM visited Saba on Tuesday, February 5th to look at the harbor and to meet with Commissioner Bruce Zagers, harbor project manager Ton van der Plas and harbor master Travis Johnson.

Zagers explained that it is the intention to create a marina feature as part of the larger harbor expansion plan to attract mega yachts, sailing yachts and other larger leisure boats. ATM will draft a plan to turn our harbor into a marina-style harbor and to make it more attractive for other types of pleasure boats other than dive boats, ferries and cargo vessels.

ATM will work out the different berthing scenarios for the new pier that will replace the current small pier and look at the different kind of services that will make the harbor more attractive for the marina segment. ATM will also assist with the drafting of a business case.

“This is a significant step for the overall design and what features are needed to further promote our new harbor as a tourism friendly environment,” said Zagers. A small delegation, headed by the Commissioner, will visit West Palm Beach later in February to explore the different marina options that will be suggested for the harbor.

ATM is a design, engineering and consulting company that specializes in coastal, environment, marine and water resources engineering. The company has ample experience in the Americas and the Caribbean.

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