Wednesday , February 28 2024

Technical challenges with set-up of new air burner being addressed

The new air burner that arrived on Saba last week is currently being fine-tuned by the technicians of Ragnar Original Innovation (ROI), the company that built the burner. During the set-up of the different elements of the burner the experts faced some technical issues.

Arrival of the new burner.
Photo GIS Saba)

On Monday, testing of the 35 tons piece of mobile equipment took place. On Tuesday there was a problem with the tilting mechanism to dump the burned residue. The exact reason for the technical issue was not clear, and may have been related to hydraulics or damage that may have occurred during shipping. The technicians of ROI have been working all week to solve the problem, but parts are needed.

The new air burner was therefore not operational since Monday as it is impossible to burn and fix at the same time. The parts are ordered and the burner will be fully functional within a few weeks. The technicians have found a way to still use the air burner but the residue will be removed manually rather than being dumped out.

As of tomorrow, Friday, the training will continue and the burner will be used as is. Seeing that no garbage was being processed since Monday it was burned using the traditional method the past two evenings. Because of the calm weather, the smoke was unfortunately more evident than under normal weather conditions. The Public Entity Saba emphasized that the situation was temporary as this was still the start-up phase and it takes some time to have equipment such as this fully operational.

GIS Saba

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