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Central Voting Bureau ascertains candidates lists for Island Council election

The Central Voting Bureau came together in a public meeting on Friday, February 8 to ascertain (“vaststellen”) the lists that were submitted on Nomination Day, Monday February 4, 2019.

Chairman of the Central Voting Bureau Island Governor Jonathan Johnson announced that no irregularities were found in the three candidates lists and the accompanied documentation submitted on Nomination Day in connection with the March 20 Island Council elections of the Public Entity Saba. All three lists were found to be in order.

Central Voting Bureau ascertains candidates lists
(Photo GIS Saba)

The three lists that were submitted for the Island Council elections are the Windward Islands People’s Movement (WIPM) with eight candidates, the Saba Labor Party (SLP) with five candidates and the blank list with its sole candidate Dave Levenstone.

There were also no problems found with the documentation that was received on Monday for the elections of the Electoral College. The two lists that were submitted, one of the WIPM and the other of the SLP, were found to be in order by the Central Voting Bureau.

Based on the results of the last Island Council elections in 2015, WIPM will be the number one list and SLP will be the number two list. The blank list will be the third list. For the Electoral College, the order of the lists will be the same. But instead of three lists, there will be two, since the blank list will not participate in the Electoral College elections. The Electoral College has the exclusive task to elect the members of the First Chamber, or the Senate.

The results of Friday’s public meeting of the Central Voting Bureau will be made public. WIPM party leader and number 1 on the list, Commissioner Rolando Wilson and number one on the SLP list, Island Council Member Monique Wilson attended the meeting.

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