Thursday , December 7 2023

Saba Comprehensive bans mobile devices

All mobile devices will be banned from Saba Comprehensive School as of Tuesday, February 12. This ban covers having mobile devices during transportation to and from school, during school hours and school-re­lated activities.

The school said on its Facebook page it has seen an in­crease in online bullying and that these mobile devices distract students from learning and socializing with each other. Students also use the social media during school time when they are going to the restrooms, sometimes even during classes, the school said.

More information will be shared with students in Mon­day’s assembly. Parents/Guardians are invited to join this assembly. Any other questions or concerns will be ad­dressed by the school after the assembly.

The Daily Herald.

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  1. So banning phones will stop bullying? Disappointing to see no strong action is being taken.

  2. I’d argue that this is strong action, but its more deflecting responsibility from the school rather than preventing online bullying.

  3. Seriously? Why do children need phones in school?
    Learning should be the primary focus! I think this is A VERY SMART MOVE!
    This era of children spend to much time on devises…instead of working on learning, manners,socializing face to face, and simply playing out of doors!

  4. Bullying Generally begins at home! Why is it the school’s job to control bad-behaving children?
    Parents are the ONES Responsible for teaching..
    Their JOB is to Teach!