Saturday , December 2 2023

Commissioner Zagers makes a personal statement for Island Council election

Dear Voter,

Tomorrow is Election Day. The WIPM Party has prepared you with the information that you need to make an informed decision tomorrow. We have based our campaign on factual information where we have shared our accomplishments for the past years, as well as our ambitions for the coming four years.

By the end of tomorrow night, we will know who will be elected as your Island Council Members. The WIPM Party has a tradition that the two candidates with the most votes leave the Island Council and become the two Commissioners. Throughout the campaign, I have made it clear that my ambition is to return to the Executive Council, where I will be able to serve you as a Commissioner for four more years.

Over the past almost 12 years, I have been dedicated to working on your behalf and doing my utmost to bring positive development to our island and society. From one end of the island to the next, you can see the tangible results of my efforts. For example, we have more affordable water, good quality roads, a renovated airport, and after the hurricanes I was able to secure millions to restore and improve our homes, infrastructure and economy. I have been a strong voice for you here on Saba, as well as in the Netherlands.

My campaign has been mainly focused on working to alleviate poverty, reducing the cost of living and cost of doing business, economic development, attaining more autonomy, specifically in the areas of medical referrals and the granting of work permits and improving programs and facilities for our youth. I have also shared with you my plans for the Fort  Bay harbour project, which will be the biggest project in Saba’s history!

If you feel that I have earned your support and you want me to continue my function as your Commissioner, I encourage you to vote for me. Only with your support can I return to the Executive Council. My track record is proven. I have the experience and the network needed to be able to continue working with you and for you, and to continue moving Saba in the right direction. Moving Forward Together is our party slogan and with your support, I can assure you that we will move forward together! Vote WIPM. Vote candidate number 2. Vote Bruce Zagers, your dedicated and humble candidate!

Bruce Zagers
Zions Hill
Tel. 721-520-6842

Ombudsman on Saba April 4
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