Friday , March 31 2023

Farewell for Acting Island Governor Mr. Wilson

The Public Entity Saba said farewell to Acting Island Governor James Franklin Wilson on Friday, March 29. Mr. Wilson reached the maximum age and had to step down after having served as Acting Island Governor for two periods, totaling more than 11 years.

Departing Acting Island Governor Mr. James Franklin Wilson (left) receives a gift from Island Governor Jonathan Johnson.
Photo GIS Saba

In the presence of his wife Yvonne, his daughter Vanessa, and a number of government employees, Island Governor Jonathan Johnson thanked Mr. Wilson for his dedication and input, and presented him with a gift.

Mr. Wilson has worked two periods as Acting Island Governor: from 1991 until 1997 under then Island Governor Sydney Sorton and for more than five years under current Island Governor Johnson, who actually is a former student of his.

“I had a good time working with Jonathan Johnson and I always had his full confidence. As a matter of fact, I always enjoyed the full cooperation of everyone in the administration. This is a personal milestone, but sometimes you have to go. I enjoyed this term with Mr. Johnson more than the first term. Back then it was pure politics. We had a lot of issues with Curaçao that we had to deal with,” said Mr. Wilson.

Mr. Wilson has worked for in public service for many years, first as a teacher, and later as Head of the Department of Education, a position he held until his retirement ten years ago. Mr. Wilson will relinquish his function as Acting Island Governor this Sunday, March 31. His successor, Shamara “Amelia” Nicholson was sworn in on Thursday, March 28. Her appointment becomes effective per April 1.

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