Tuesday , May 30 2023

Saba Electric Company to improve its first solar park

Last week, Saba Electric Company (SEC) initiated a ten­der for the replacement and consequently the improvement of its first solar park’s foundation to ensure the park’s sub­structure meets safety and building require­ments. Through several in­vestigations initiated by SEC, it was determined that the park’s founda­tion did not meet the necessary requirements to guarantee a catego­ry-four hurricane resis­tance of the park.

By means of a complete refit of the substruc­ture, while maintaining the existing solar pan­els, SEC’s Solar Park One will be made and guaranteed hurricane category-four proof, the company said Monday in a statement.

SEC made this decision to secure its investment and to safeguard its sec­ond solar park, which is already hurricane cate­gory-four proof, and the surrounding area. “Having been built in a hurricane-prone zone, it is absolutely neces­sary that the park’s sub­structure meets these re­quirements,” the utility company said.

The goal is to have the refit carried out in a time-efficient manner without compromising on quality to ensure So­lar Park One is back op­erational as soon as pos­sible to minimize losses in fuel savings. During the refit, SEC’s second solar park will remain in full operation.

The Daily Herald.

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  1. Shouldn’t this have been done BEFORE constructing the park. Seems rather backwards to go in and fix it now, and who is going to fronting the bill, us consumers, that’s who! Get your act together!

  2. Where were the inspectors during construction? Or was there any inspections?
    Several million dollars down the drain that the Saba people have to pay back in high energy bills

  3. I must agree with Veron Hassell where were the inspectors over seeing the construction .A lot of money went into somebody’s pocket.The same company should be held responsible to correct the problem with no charge !
    They should be held accountable for this mistake, they were told by Saba people the solar panels will not stand a
    strong hurricane.