Monday , March 27 2023

Ferry Big B rescued 2 Nevis fishermen on her voyage SXM-Saba

Two Fishermen from Nevis in the process of being dramatically rescued from their overturned boat (V4-439-CH) on Friday 12th April 2019, by the Big B ferry that runs between St. Martin and Saba. The two men, Ismael Lorenzo and Carlos Jimenez, were missing from Wednesday afternoon, 10th April 2019 and a vigil and rescue operation commenced from the Charlestown Waterfront, Nevis, spearheaded by his Spanish Family & Friends from Nevis.

Produced by Lester Blackett with video & audio (images may be distorted).

Family members and friends of the Fishermen at the Charlestown Waterfront in Nevis where they congregated from since Wednesday afternoon (10th April), hopefully awaiting news on the two missing fishermen, Ismael Lorenzo and Carlos Jimenez.



On arrival on Saba they were looked after immediately by the harbor authorities.

Ismael Lorenzo and Carlos Jimenez, on Saba, happy to be rescued

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