Monday , March 20 2023

Fire destroyed a home in Lower Zion’s Hill – update 1 pm

(Photo Public Entity Saba)

Update 1 pm:

At the moment the Fire Department is still working to control the fire in Lower Hell’s Gate, while not completely contained, the Fire Department has better control of the situation. A second set of fire fighters from St. Eustatius has arrived on the island to assist. The Public Entity Saba is making provisions to provide both material assistance and shelter to the victims that have been affected.

Original post:

At the moment the Fire Department is still working on containing the fire. At 10 am, the fire had not yet been brought under control. Residents in Zion’s Hill are asked to keep their windows closed and remain indoors to avoid being affected by the smoke.

Extra man power is being flown in from St. Eustatius to assist. All water truck drivers have been asked to assist.

As a precautionary measure the Ambulance is on it’s way to the scene.

The Public Entity Saba keeps residents informed on their Facebook page.

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