Sunday , October 1 2023

Dumpsite fire in Fort Bay – Update Public Entity Saba

Update Public Entity Saba:

Update Fire at the Landfill #3;

Effective immediately the landfill is closed for safety reasons!!!! Citizens are advised not to venture there for sight seeing etc. It is still burning but under control and contained and It is being closely monitored as it continues to burn.

Fire on the dump this morning , April 18. (Photo Facebook Public Entity Saba

The wind is blowing in the right direction, which means no hindrance to the residents or the schools. Contact has been made with the schools and this was confirmed.

The gas station is open.

GIS Saba


One day after several buildings were gutted by fire in Lower Zion’s Hill, Saba was again startled by fire on Wednesday evening, this time at the dumpsite in Fort Bay.
Members of the Fire Department quickly rushed to the dump to contain the fire. Truckers were contacted to assist the Fire Department with the transportation of water. Residents in The Bottom and St. John’s were advised to close the windows and doors to their homes to avoid inhalation of smoke.

The Daily Herald.

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