Tuesday , February 27 2024

Rising from the ashes – fundraiser for the Chammaa’s


Our hearts go out to our friends Trish, Michael and Mr. Sawyer who lost their homes on Tuesday in the fire. We are so very sorry for your loss, but we’re also so thankful that you and your beloved pets were all okay. In the midst of this tragedy we thank God for sparing your lives. I know as a community we will all be here to offer you our love, help and support in whichever way we can.

Today, an entire community is torn following the devastating fire on Lower Hell’s gate that quickly engulfed the home of Trish & Michael and Norman Sawyer, leaving them with nothing.  Please help them today to bring beauty from the ashes.

There are no words to describe what they experienced. For everyone who sees this, please google Public Entity Saba on Facebook to access the

GoFundMe link

that has been set up to help Trish and Michael. They helped support Saba through all their years as owners of Brigadoon’s. Let’s give back to them now.

(Photo Christine Atkinson)


(Photo Christine Atkinson)
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