Tuesday , January 31 2023

Second Chamber Member Paternotte (D66): Ticket from Saba to Sint Maarten much too expensive

Member of the Lower House Jan Paternotte (D66) has urged Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management to take action against the high ticket prices charged by Winair for the barely 15-minute flight between Sint Maarten and – what he indicated as the smallest airport at world – Saba.

Paternotte told the minister today in a debate about aviation that “monopolist and also state-owned company Winair charges $ 250 for a return ticket. almost as much as has to be paid for a flight from Amsterdam to New York. The company makes substantial margins, you can see that from the salaries of management. How is it possible that people on Saba have no link with the outside world because of the enormously high ticket prices? ”

The only alternative the Sabans have is, according to Paternotte, an unpleasantly undulating boat ride of a few hours with the ‘vomit comet’. “What steps will the  minister take to correct this?”  Van Nieuwenhuizen: “We are exploring the options for improving connectivity in the Caribbean part of the Netherlands. We are conducting a study that looks at rates, frequency and security of supply. “One of the options that is considered is to design air transport between the BES islands as a form of subsidized public transport.”

The minister also announced that there are plans to organize a meeting with aviation experts and directors from Curacao, Aruba. St Martin. Bonaire. Sint Eustatius and Saba to talk about aviation in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.


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