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Dive into diversity at the Saba Rainbow Festival

Do you like niche festivals? Are you LGBTI or an ally? Then this November, Saba – a tiny 5-square mile Dutch Caribbean island – is the place to be! The Saba Rainbow Festival offers an opportunity to dive into diversity through music, arts, workshops and other activities, while enjoying the natural beauty – above and below the sea level – of ‘The Unspoiled Queen’.

8, 9 & 10 November 2019 will mark the first edition of the Saba Rainbow Festival on Saba, Caribbean Netherlands. A festival to celebrate diversity by and for the LGBTI community and its allies. Saba has about 2000 residents and can only host a limited number of visitors at a time. This means the festival will be small, aiming at 200 participants that can connect on an international, regional and local level.

Festival-goers will be able to enjoy a Friday night of entertainment and music, followed by a Saturday filled with activities, varying from hiking up Mount Scenery, snorkeling and diving in one of the most beautiful marine parks of the world to creating art together and taking part in workshops and discussions about LGBTI issues in the region. The Saturday night will be reserved for entertainment by bands and DJs again. Sunday morning the festival will close with some laid-back activities, so our international visitors can find their way home the same day again.

During the whole festival there will be an open and active ‘festival village’, where artists can showcase their work, where everybody can meet with a drink and enjoy local food and where a stage is set up for planned and spontaneous performances. Of course, for food, Saba offers a wide variety of international cuisine as well, which can easily be enjoyed by the participants, due to the close proximity of hotels and restaurants.

The Saba Rainbow Festival is an initiative of a few pro-active members of Saba’s community that want to advance tolerance and acceptance of the LGBTI community. By welcoming a diverse group of people to the island to celebrate, the organization hopes to share the paradise that Saba is and hopes that Saba will gain a special place in your heart.

For more details, information and contact, please visit our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/SabaRainbowFestival

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