Wednesday , February 28 2024

Saba Electric Company requests attention for placing your garbage bins


To help ensure a continuous supply of electricity to our customers island-wide, our distribution network, which is largely underground, must be properly maintained. Part of this maintenance is making sure our underground network, meter walls, and transformer houses are kept clean.

We’ve noted that garbage bins are being placed near our manholes, which give us direct access to our underground network, and in front of meter walls and transformer houses. This has resulted in garbage and seepage getting into the manholes and into the underground lines when it rains, thereby creating unsanitary and hazardous conditions for our distribution team to work in. It is also bad for our underground equipment.

Garbage bins and bags full of garbage placed in front of our meter walls and transformer houses block our distribution team from accessing them. In the event of an emergency or technical fault, our distribution team will have to dig through garbage to access the problem area. Fuse box covers and meters are being damaged by garbage bins being placed against them. This can possibly cause a fire in the network.

We, therefore, kindly request island residents and businesses alike to be mindful about where garbage bins and bags of garbage are placed. This will help us maintain a clean and safe network for all.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
C. D. Johnson
Managing Director
Saba Electric Company N.V.

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One comment

  1. Vernon Hassell

    Only on Saba do I see all the orange and green garbage cans proudly displayed in front of peoples home.

    In Florida we are not so proud of our garbage so we have it hidden behind out house or at least of sight.

    When I take a picture of Saba I always get a garbage can….or… a goat :).