Wednesday , December 6 2023

Tourist Office requests your lights on, Sunday evening May 26

To the Community of Saba,

Currently, there is a Google Trusted photographer on the island, taking photos of our various businesses and special points of interest. On Sunday evening (May 26th), he will be taking aerial photos of Saba at twilight, giving us new photos with a unique perspective that can be used on our Google destinations page, but also for general promotion of the island. The Saba Tourist Bureau would like to encourage everyone to have your lights on during the hours between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm on Sunday, as this will help to enhance the photos.

Thank you in advance from the Tourism Team. Keep an eye on our Facebook page @SabaTourismBureau to see the end result.


The Saba Tourist Bureau

Saba Electric Company requests attention for placing your garbage bins
Invitation to the Central Committee meeting on Tuesday May 28th


  1. This is a questionable proposal from the side of the Tourist Office. The majority of the tourists who are visiting and enjoying Saba are definitely not in favour of much lights in the evening and at night. On the contrary: they are fleeing from cities where the sky is never dark, where you don’t see the stars anymore because of the lights in cities and even in larger villages.

  2. The Tourist Office requested that for ONE evening for 3 hours! They’re not asking people to leave on their lights every night or regularly. Having Saba on Google maps can also assist in promoting Saba.