Thursday , December 7 2023

Winair offers 2 daily flights to ABC islands from July 4th

With the state of connectivity or lack thereof, for the ABC islands with the bankruptcy of airlines, Winair rapidly created a schedule to do its utmost to fulfill this void in the region. In these efforts to ensure this connectivity was reestablished for the Northern and southern Caribbean Winair enlisted the support of our Caribsky Alliance (consisting of Air Antilles, LIAT and Winair) partners to begin and expand services in the region.

ATR 42

Challenges still remain to ensure direct and reliable service, for which Winair prides itself on, is maintained. So in order to enhance the service to our customers, Winair will introduce new and convenient services to Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba to better serve the traveling public.

With this expanded flight schedule Winair is confident that it will fulfill the needs of our customers, continuing to provide safe and reliable service. We will continue to take you there and thank you for your continued trust and we hope to see you on board of one of our flights soon

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