Monday , March 20 2023

State Secretary Blokhuis promises to decentralize ZVK

The ZVK, the Health Insurance Office BES, is going to decentralize part of its services so that these can be better adapted to the local conditions and needs of Saba and St. Eustatius.

That was the message of state Secretary for Public health, Paul Blokhuis send to the second chamber. CDA politician, Joba van den Berg, had asked the minister to respond to a critical opinion paper from ex-Statia Island Council Member, Koos Sneek, discussing the functioning of the ZVK on Statia. This paper, also published on Saba-News, can be read here.

Blokhuis said that the islands will have more control over the organization of medical referrals. Later this year, a pilot project will be launched on Saba to improve the ZVK services. The minister also promised that the ZVK will improve communication with both citizens and the island administrations.

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