Tuesday , March 28 2023

UTS announces prepaid roaming bundles


In its efforts to continue improving customer experience, UTS is pleased to introduce a new service, designed to suit the needs of the traveler; Chippie Prepaid Roaming Bundles. Chippie prepaid customers can now activate a roaming bundle to surf, call & SMS while abroad. All for 1 price. The offer is available for 16 of the most popular travel destinations and combines minutes, mobile data and free SMS, specifically for use during travel abroad. With the introduction just ahead of the summer travel season the Prepaid Roaming Bundles makes staying in touch easier for Chippie customers traveling and using the network of a foreign mobile provider.

Chippie customers traveling to the United States, The Netherlands, and many Caribbean destinations can now look forward to staying in touch in a more affordable way with the new service. Starting at $5.99 the bundles are easy to activate with a simple SMS command. Activation is possible ahead of travel when already abroad and re-activation, when a bundle is depleted, is also possible. All you have to do is make sure you have enough prepaid credit to activate.


For those less familiar with the concept of roaming, this is when you travel abroad with your phone, leaving the network of your own mobile provider. UTS has made arrangements with mobile providers around the world for Chippie customers to continue using their own number on the network of other providers. These providers charge a premium rate for ‘hosting’ foreign subscribers on their network. The host provider will typically charge this higher rate for incoming and outgoing calls and also for mobile data usage per megabyte. This can work out to be quite expensive. Roaming bundles are a solution for Chippie customers looking to stay in control of mobile expenses. Even though you’re abroad you can tell your loved ones you arrived safely and let them know how your travels are going. UTS is happy to help enhance your travel experience. What’s better than creating those important sharable moments and staying connected to who matters most, whenever and wherever.


Chippie customers can also earn miles in the Chippie Roaming Miles loyalty program with their Roaming Bundles purchases. Once registered with the program, all roaming usage earns you miles that can be redeemed for free airline tickets, hotel stays, car rentals and more. Registration for roaming miles can be done online at www.miuts.sx.

For more information on UTS roaming service, the benefits, rates and more visit: www.uts-ec.com/prepaidroaming

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