Wednesday , February 28 2024

Council of State ready with advice on coordination for the Caribbean Netherlands

The Council of State has finalized its vision on shaping the current administrative relationship between the Caribbean and European Netherlands and the coordinating role of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

Almost 10 months ago, State Secretary for Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops submitted a so-called request for information to the Council of State. He did so at the insistence of the House of Representatives, who has been dissatisfied for a long time with ministries not working together, is critical of the performance of the Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland and believes that the results of government policy are insufficient in relation to scope of financial efforts.

Shortly after 10-10-10, MP van de Ronald (SP) asked first attention for a stronger coordinating role for the Interior and Kingdom Relations. All the other ministries felt nothing to give up  ‘power’ all those years and the ministers responsible for Kingdom relations regularly argued that they had no perseverance. The clear conclusions of the Spies Committee in 2015 did not change that.

More than his predecessors, Knops is trying to get fellow government members involved in the development of the Caribbean Netherlands, but not all ministries are still working with equal enthusiasm. Now that the Council of State has laid its eggs, it is up to Knops to take the lead in formulating a government position that will also address the positions and roles of the government representatives and the authorities.

The reaction of the Cabinet will certainly take months to come. Only then the advice of the Council of State will be published.

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