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“Keep Saba Clean” campaign was a success

The “Keep Saba Clean” campaign was a success. Some 200 volunteers came out during the four-week period to participate in the island-wide clean-up.

In total, over 400 bags of smaller debris were collected and multiple truck-loads of large debris such as galvanize, wood, wire, cable, tires, discarded car parts, steel and more. Some of the most unique items found were a tv, a truck bed, an old red Heineken sign, a laptop, a birdhouse and early 20th century brown glass Clorox bottles.

The Child Focus Foundation/Lipscomb University Summer Camp took part in the Keep Saba Clean campaign. In the back, left, Commissioner Bruce Zagers who also came out to assist.
(Photo GIS Saba)

Keep Saba Clean, first organized in 2018, is an initiative of the Public Entity Saba. Last year it concerned a one-day island-wide clean-up in preparation for hurricane season. This year, it was a four-week endeavor during which on every Friday and Saturday, a different village or area was tackled.

The initiative served multiple purposes: preparing the island for the upcoming peak of the hurricane season by removing loose debris, eliminating items that can serve as breeding grounds for mosquitos and therefore lowering the risk for diseases such as Dengue, and ultimately, maintaining Saba’s image as the Unspoiled Queen. The Public Entity provided bags, gloves and water to all volunteers, as well as a shirt and a voucher for Bizzy B, Bottom Bean Café or Flight Deck as a token of appreciation.

Approximately 200 persons came out for the Keep Saba Clean, including a large group of the Filipino community. Many businesses and organizations gave their employees the opportunity to join this initiative during work hours, which was greatly appreciated. The businesses and organizations that took part in the clean-up were: Chez Bubba Bistro, the Child Focus Foundation/Lipscomb University Summer Camp, Do it Best, Juliana’s Hotel, Long Haul Grill, Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa, Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF), Saba Electric Company (SEC), Saba Reach Foundation, Sea Saba Dive Center and Tropics Café.

Do it Best donated garbage bags in support of the cause, while the SCF provided assistance every week, also to help in areas that were more difficult to reach, such as the harbor basin and Mt. Scenery.  The Public Entity Saba thanks all volunteers and assisting companies and organizations.

GIS Saba

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    Congrats to the Government for the initiative and also all the volunteers.