Sunday , April 2 2023

Opinion: Goats are ruining the Unspoiled Queen

Dear Editor,

Back in the day i used to farm the museum grounds. No goats, no fence required.

Now I sit on the porch of the Museum and imagine how wonderful the grounds could look. Shame on the goat owners who let their goats run rampant. Shame on the government who let this problem go on for so long. The herd of 12 have just added two kids. It is embarassing when people ask about the goat problem.

Goats are ruiining Saba’s vegatation everywhere.

The government says they will start culling the goats soon, but soon will be too late. Those goats aren’t going anywhere when we get some rain. Why would they when they have the perfect life.

You invite people to this green gem and what do they see but destruction that could be fixed. I love this island which is why i came back. Some things changed for the better but some things haven’t.

Thank you for letting me rant.

Anna Keene
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One comment

  1. You are so right Anna Keene.
    Let’s hope this time they do take care of the goat problem.