Friday , March 24 2023

Coast Guard collaborates in search and rescue operation

Last Thursday the Rescue and Coordination Center of the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard received a notification from substation SXM that a vessel with the name ‘INTEGRITY’ had sunk between SXM and Anguilla. The vessel was light blue in color and onboard was one male who had gone missing. A Metal Shark from the substation SXM was dispatched to search for the drowning person.


The Dash, the Coast Guard plane and the Metal Shark, had both executed an extended search and rescue operation looking for the missing person. A number of civilian boats that were nearby and French units also collaborated with the search and rescue. Around 8 PM the report came in that the Anguillan man, who had a life jacket on, was found by the French rescue boat. He was taken to SXM and transported to the hospital for further check-up.

Dutch Coast Guard

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