Monday , March 27 2023

Saba participants complete calibration training

Jerome Mathew, Philbert Ryner, both of the Public Works Department, and Head of Economic Affairs of the Public Entity Saba Dave Levenstone successfully completed an extensive weights and measurements training facilitated by the Radio Communications Agency (‘Agentschap Telecom’) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK).

From left: Jerome Mathew, Dave Levenstone and Philbert Ryner with their certificate.

The training took place in Amersfoort, the Netherlands from September 4 to 13. Levenstone said that Mathew and Ryner did very well at the training. “I am proud of them. They attended every single training and passed the exam with flying colors.”

Mathew and Ryner are now all-round trained and certified in weights and measurements, Levenstone said. “They are now able to carry out inspections of all scales, water and electricity meters and fuel pumps,” said Levenstone for whom the training served more as a refresher course as he has already done this training in the past.

As a result of this full certification, the Public Entity Saba is now able to carry out inspections on its own, without the assistance from outside because the requirement of having at least three inspectors present during inspections has been fulfilled. “We will now be able to carry out what is expected of us as inspectors.” There will be a continued inspection of electricity and water meters, as well as all scales on the island.

Aside from Saba, there were two participants from St. Eustatius at the training in the Netherlands, six from Bonaire and two from St. Maarten, all of whom passed the exams. The intention is to have a follow-up training in St. Maarten next year.

GIS Saba.

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