Friday , March 24 2023

RCN opens trainings to Statia, Saba civil service

A group of eighteen civil ser­vants of Government De­partment Caribbean Neth­erlands RCN and the Public Entity St. Eustatius partici­pated in a joint two-day Ef­fective Writing Training at Gertrude Judson Bicenten­nial Public Library, Septem­ber 17-18.

Civil servants participating in the two-day Effective Writing Training at Gertrude Judson Bicentennial Public Library in St. Eustatius.

The training is part of a pi­lot project whereby the RCN Shared Service Organization (SSO) training department will enter into future collab­oration with the Public En­tities St. Eustatius and Saba for the training of two groups of civil servants.

The effective-writing train­ing comprised a good variety of writing products, ranging from policy documents to annual reports. With this ex­panded palette, the training was tailor-made. Participants were required to submit three assignments to the trainers which were used as training materials during the course. All docu­ments were, therefore, kept strictly confidential.

The training was facilitated by two trainers to ensure ef­fectiveness and for each participant to receive the re­quired attention.
The training department of RCN-SSO will enter into fu­ture collaboration with the public entities, so that their employees can take part in the RCN training.

Due to more demand for this course, in 2020 more training will be provided on Bonaire, Statia and Saba at the tertiary MBO level, as well as at col­lege and university levels.

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