Sunday , October 1 2023

Happy Senior Citizens Day message from Commissioner Wilson

Commissioner Wilson wishes all senior citizens a happy Senior Citizens Day. Isaiah 46; 4 reads: Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.

“Our senior citizens are one of the most important groups of people in our society therefore on this day October 1, which is set aside to recognize them, let us remember that they have contributed in many ways to the building of our community and, by extension, of Saba. Some of them have told and continue to tell their stories for our young people to use these life experiences, which contain the wisdom as examples to better their own lives,” Commissioner Wilson stated.

“There are many senior citizens whose life stories we have not only heard, but we have seen for ourselves while we were children growing up. We saw with our very eyes, the ones who worked hard to provide food for us when we were children, the ones who labored day and night to get the jobs done which today many of us take for granted.”

Wilson said the Saba people will forever be grateful to all the men who were instrumental in building our roads and houses as well as keeping our streets free from litter. And, to those women who raised their children to become productive members of our society.

“We celebrate too, those who have worked in the hospital taking care of the sick and elderly, those who visited persons who could not get out of their houses and provided their own herbal medicines from the natural plants to nurse the sick back to health. For those who went out to farm and fish and provided food for many, and for those who told the stories of the past so that we know we are the products of a rich history,” said Wilson.

“We are glad to honor our senior citizens and we will continue to take into consideration those age-related issues which affect them. To our senior citizens: We will do what we can for our seniors, knowing that we appreciate you and the many contributions you have made. We have your interest at heart. Therefore, on this special day, I wish all of you our elders who have made life a lot wiser and easier for us, a happy Senior Citizens Day.”

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