Tuesday , March 5 2024

Teacher’s Day Message from Commissioner Wilson

Saturday, October 5, is International Teacher’s Day. Commissioner Rolando Wilson wishes all teachers a happy Teacher’s Day. The Commissioner pointed out that the success of any nation has its roots in a solid education foundation.

“Today we celebrate the corner stones of our education foundation, and that is you, our dedicated, hardworking and exceptional teachers. Every day you solve problems, encourage, influence, and help to form the minds of Saba’s future: our children. Amidst it all, you are there, always being the positive guide for them,” the Commissioner said.“In our busy lives we sometimes fail to acknowledge hard work and dedication. We sometimes forget to say thank you. But today we do. Know that you are always valued and appreciated for the work that you do and the commitment you have made to educate and form our children. Our entire society benefits from the seeds of knowledge that you sow in the young minds of your students,” he stated.

“May God continue to bless you, guide you and strengthen you with wisdom as you work tirelessly for our children to become successful citizens of tomorrow. To all teachers on behalf of the Public Entity Saba, we wish you happy Teacher’s Day.”

Commissioner Rolando Wilson.


GIS Saba.

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