Tuesday , February 27 2024

Traditional Cottages on Saba and life in the past

Dutch Museum Saba organized in the past years in September the Open Monuments Days, which is a Dutch annual national event in September.
However the lack of tourists in September made us decide to look for another opportunity.

In the month of October there is always on Saba the remarkable initiative during the whole month “Sea & Learn” ( https://www.seaandlearn.org/) which is about nature.

Several years Dutch Museum added in October presentations on those days in October that Sea & Learn had no activities. In this way the museum could participate in another Dutch national initiative: “The Month of History” and did so for three years.

In 2019 the two actions “Open Monuments” and “Month of History” are combined, but the national theme “SHE/HE” has been replaced by:
“Traditional Cottages on Saba and life in the past”

Thursdays October 24 and October 31, starting at 10:00 AM a power-point presentation in Dutch Museum Saba.
Then a short walking tour along some cottages and a tour in the Harry L. Johnson Museum by Jan Teeuwen, expert in construction of traditional Saban cottages and in life in the history of Saba.

Entrance fee: $ 5.00 for the whole program.

Reservations: 416 9423 or conservator@museum-saba.com


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