Tuesday , March 28 2023

One-third of electricity renewable on Caribbean islands

In 2018, the Caribbean Netherlands produced 136 million kWh of electricity. Of this amount, 45.1 million kWh came from renewable sources, equivalent to 33 percent of total electricity production. Production levels on the three islands were just as high as in 2017, but a larger part has been produced sustainably. This is evident from new figures on electricity production in the Caribbean Netherlands.

Saba: 2 solar parks

Total electricity production on Saba stood at 9.0 million kWh in 2018. 1.5 million kWh was generated sustainably, i.e. 16.7 percent of total production. Saba boasts two solar parks. The first one started operations in February 2018 with a production capacity of 1.14 megawatt-peak (MWp). In February 2019, the second solar park became operational with a capacity of 1 MWp. With the second solar park, Saba can almost double renewable electricity production over 2019.

St Eustatius: 1 solar park

In 2018, total electricity production on St Eustatius stood at 14.3 million kWh, of which 6.5 million kWh (45.5 percent) was renewable and produced by solar panels. The generation of solar power started in 2016 with the installation of a solar park, which was expanded significantly in 2017. 

Bonaire: mainly wind energy

Electricity production on Bonaire amounted to 113.1 million kWh in 2018. 37.1 million kWh (32.8 percent) was generated in a sustainable way. 99 percent of renewable electricity comes from wind turbines while 1 percent is generated by solar panels. In 2014, the share of renewable electricity was still 42.3 percent, but it seems to have stabilized around 30 percent since then.




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