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Ishmael Levenston passes away age 79

Former Member of the Island Council of Saba Ishmael Matthew Ameal Levenston passed away at Henry Every Senior Citizens Home in The Bottom at the age of 79. His son Dave Levenstone announced his father’s death on Saturday.

Ishmael Levenston

Levenston entered Saba politics in 1975, following in the footsteps of his father, the late John Esmond Matthew Levenston.

Four years later, in 1979, he joined forces with the Saba’s People’s Party and lost his seat in the Island Council.

In 1983, on the Saba United Party’s list, he was re-elected by preferential votes, as in the Island Council election of 1975.

Levenston took a break from politics from 1983 until 1987 and returned as an Island Council member with the Saba Labour Party (SLP) from 1999 until 2003.

The SLP continued in its opposition role in 2007 with Akilah Levenstone as an Island Council Member. In 2011 Levenston made a comeback to the political front and served in the Island Council until the election of March 2019.

He said he had gone into politics for the people.

“He was, is and will continue to work for all Sabans, now more than ever together with a new team: it is time for a change,” the SLP said about its then #1 candidate in its party manifesto for the 2019 Island Council election. The election saw the SLP lose both its seats in the Island Council.

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