Tuesday , March 28 2023

Rules of the Road on Saba are different from those in the European Netherlands

For all users of the public roads on Saba:

Note that the Rules of the Road on Saba are significantly different from those in the European Netherlands.

The law that applies is the “Wegenverkeersverordening de Bovenwindse Eilanden“. It is valid on Saba and Statia. The law applicable on Bonaire is again different.  The text is available in Dutch, the official language on Saba, but we are not aware if the full text is also available in English.

Important differences with the European Netherlands relate to the priority rules. On Saba, the rule of priority for traffic approaching a crossing from “the right” does NOT apply. Article 13.2.d states:

Bij kruispunten, waar een weg loodrecht of nagenoeg loodrecht op de andere weg uitmondt en ter plaatse eindigt, heeft alle verkeer dat over de doorlopende weg het kruispunt nadert, voorrang boven het verkeer dat het kruispunt over de andere weg nadert.

At a “T crossing” traffic moving on the through road, has priority over the other traffic, even if the other traffic approaches from the right. Surprise!

….. and there are many other different rules: did you know that in all villages the maximum speed is 20 km/hour and the overall maximum speed on Saba is 40 km/hour?

Better get informed ASAP.


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  1. Perfect to have this published.
    Might have been done by governments somewhat earlier?