Sunday , March 26 2023

Commissioner Wilson meets with sports stakeholders

Stakeholders in the sports sector recently had a meeting to discuss the further developing of sports on Saba and to share ideas on how to enhance the sports structure and related activities on the island.

From left: Alisia Wilson, Olga Visser, Commissioner Rolando Wilson, Michel Berksen and Joelyn Robinson
Photo GIS Saba

In attendance were Commissioner of Sports Rolando Wilson, Sports Coordinator of the Public Entity Saba Joelyn Robinson, representative of the Saba United Sports Federation Alisia Wilson, Acting Head of the Public Health Department Olga Visser and representative of the Ministry of Public Health, Wellbeing and Sports (VWS) Michel Berksen.

During the meeting at the Government Administration Building, the stakeholders talked about how the Public Entity Saba can assist with sports activities for the community for 2020. Commissioner Wilson said it was a positive meeting.

The meeting also served to discuss follow-up to the Sports and Prevention Accord that Commissioner Wilson and State Secretary of Public Health, Welbeing and Sports Paul Blokhuis signed in June this year. In this agreement, titled “Together towards a healthier Saba,” parties committed to structurally invest in sports and prevention to improve the health of Saba’s residents.

GIS Saba

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