Friday , March 24 2023

Children’s week 2019 November 18-23

On the 20th of November 2019, marks the 30th anniversary of the Children’s Rights Convention. The implementation of this convention has helped improved the lives of children all over the world, including Saba! In order to celebrate this special day, we have worked hard to put together our 4th annual Children’s Week. During this week various activities will take place highlighting the rights and responsibilities of the child.
“I’m not ok” session for professionals and parents. Learning how to cope with stress is an important part of human development. Exposure to traumatic experiences in the absence of caring, stable relationships with adults can create toxic stress for children. In the session, we will explore how we can better support and protect our children as parents and as an entire community.
Child Rights Festival: various stakeholders will be present representing their organization in a creative manner. This year we also have the participation of several SCS Clubs, which means the children will also be there showcasing their talent!!
The Walk a Thon is organized in collaboration with the Public Health Department (Saba Fit). We will also have Fit with Lee bringing his exercises on the road, a special act by the Leo’s and a trailer with music.
This week is a collaboration between the Public Entity and local stakeholders.


PCN: premiums unchanged and modest indexation per 1/1/2020
US Ambassador Pete Hoekstra visits Saba