Friday , March 31 2023


For the past 7 years teacher Rhiannon Jorna has been a high school teacher on Saba. She writes about her life and work in her blog “Island Stories”.

In a recent post she explains the complexities of education on this intricate island in six paradoxes without it being a tedious read or trying to step on any toes, while honouring the many factors at play. In this post she writes about the difficulty of defining identity, issues with expressive skills, homework, attitudes, work planning and the influx of people that come and go.

Interested? Read Rhiannons blog here:

Rhiannon Jorna

(You can find a permanent link to Rhiannons blog on this site under the tab Get to know Saba/saba blogs)

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  1. Hi Rhiannon,

    What a great blog about teaching on Saba! I really enjoyed reading about the students, since I am also a teacher for youngsters on Bonaire.
    I would like to get in contact with a teacher of Dutch on your beautiful island. Do you know some teachers? It would be great to hear from you.

    Best regards,