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Plans to pave connecting road to new harbor

A connecting road needs to be constructed to the proposed location of the new harbor. Plans are being drafted to this extent.

Saba’s Executive Council is looking into development of a public road that will connect the current end of the public road at the gas station in Fort Bay with the location of the new harbor project in the Black Rocks/Giles Quarter area.

The connecting road, now merely a dirt road, that will be paved runs from the existing public road near the gas station to the location of the new harbor project. The plans are still in concept form and the elevation of the road could change when the final design is complete.
Photo GIS Saba

Research by government in the public registries did not show entitlement of third parties to the grounds of the proposed new road. However, if there are persons who hold a claim to this property, they need to get in contact with the Saba Executive Council as soon as possible. The deadline for doing so is December 31, 2019. Email can be sent to the Executive Council:

The Public Entity Saba has the permission of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W) to continue researching the construction of the new, more future and hurricane proof harbor at the alternative location instead of continuing with the old plan at Fort Bay. As there is currently only a dirt road leading to the new harbor location, paving will be necessary.

As part of the harbor project, an environmental impact study, soil investigations and further wave studies will be carried out. When that has been concluded, the design can be finalized and the process can start to secure the necessary permits from Rijkswaterstaat.

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