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Surinamese Consul-General Daniël visits Saba

Consul-General of the Republic Suriname to the Dutch Caribbean H. Agnes E. Daniël is visiting Saba this week. This is the first time that the Consul-General, who was appointed in October 2018 for a period of four years, visits Saba.

Consul-General of the Republic Suriname to the Dutch Caribbean H. Agnes E. Daniël (right) hands over the official document of her appointment to Island Governor Jonathan Johnson.
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Stationed in Curaçao, Mrs. Daniël represents the Republic Suriname on all six Dutch Caribbean islands, including Saba. On Wednesday, December 4, Mrs. Daniël presented her official document of appointment, signed by the Surinamese Minister of Foreign Affairs, to Island Governor Jonathan Johnson.

On Friday, December 6, Mrs. Daniël will attend the official Saba Day program and join some of the festivities. She said that visiting Saba this week provided the opportunity to meet both with local authorities, to get acquainted with the island and its people, and to attend the Saba Day celebrations. She happily accepted the invitation of the Public Entity Saba to be present for Saba Day.

The relations between Suriname and the Dutch Caribbean islands are important. Suriname has been part of the Dutch Kingdom until it became an independent country in 1975. Also, there are relatively many persons of Surinamese descent living on the islands. A part of this group still has the Surinamese nationality and resides on the islands with a work permit. The Surinamese Consulate assists them with consular matters such as passports, driver’s licenses, official documents and, if needed, legal assistance.

Mrs. Daniël said that the Consulate strived to further develop and expand the ties with the island governments, and to identify and create opportunities for entrepreneurs, both on the islands and in Suriname.

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