Saturday , December 2 2023

Two board members elected for Chamber of Commerce

Leonieke Zuiddam of St. Eustatius and Hermanus Van Xanten for Saba were duly elected on Tuesday as members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of St. Eustatius and Saba board.

Announcing the result, the Chamber’s Public Re­lations Director Ebbie Schmidt congratulated the elected candidates and conveyed her best wishes for their involvement in the future success of the organ­isation.

Election Day at Chamber of Commerce of St. Eustatius and Saba, with (from left) Cham­ber director Petrofina Lara Reyes, Statia’s candidates for board membership Leonieke Zuiddam and Alexander De Graaf election proctor Wilfred Olton Berkei and Chamber president Ebbie Schmidt.

Almost 400 business en­tities and foundations are registered with the Cham­ber. However, only busi­ness representatives were eligible to cast their votes
this week.

“We have asked the Dutch Government to look into this democratic deficit,” said Schmidt. “The Cham­ber performs a central role in promoting the interests of commerce and founda­tions. It is only fair that all voices are heard.”

As only one candidate was put forward for election in Saba, a second Saba board member will be appointed eventually by the Saba Ex­ecutive Council. Successful candidates will serve for three years on the board which comprises a total of five seats.

“A proactive programme has been developed for next year,” Schmidt announced. “In addition to our regular courses for QuickBooks, we shall be offering coach­ing in the field of customer service and how to use so­cial networking for business purposes.

“Because of our scope and scale of operation, we are largely dependent on the Dutch Government for fi­nancial support. Neverthe­less, a backlog in local fees from local businesses and foundations means that we have to become tough with financial forgetfulness.”

She reminded the 400 members of the Chamber of Commerce that “We shall pursue delayed dues with vigour,” Schmidt told The Daily Herald.

The Daily Herald.

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