Friday , December 1 2023

Illegal immigrants from Saba flown to Statia

A number of persons who were de­tained in Saba for violating the immigration regulations of the Caribbean Netherlands were flown to St. Eustatius on Friday.
The immigrants landed around 5:30pm and were seen disembarking in handcuffs.

Four of the immigrants are citizens of the Dominican Republic. The Dominicanos were flown from Saba to Statia on a private chartered aircraft due to lack of man­power and accommodation in Saba.

An officer said every effort is being made and initiated to have these individu­als repatriated to their country of origin.

Members of the Police Force Caribbean Netherlands, St. Eustatius, transported the illegal immigrants to the Statia police station, where they are being kept in the police sta­tion holding cell.

The Daily Herald.

Police vehicles at the airport of St. Eustatius


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