Saturday , December 2 2023

Saba part of integral security plans pilot

The public entity Saba and nine municipalities in the Netherlands will participate in a pilot to assess integral secu­rity plans, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations BZK announced last Thursday.

With the assistance of experts in the area of integral security, the municipalities Almelo, Berkel­land, Breda, Dalfsen, Gooise Meren, Haarlemmermeer, Tiel, Tilburg and Venlo, and the pub­lic entity Saba will be working on different parts of their security in the coming months.

The resilience of the organisa­tion, information security and the safety of the buildings will be assessed during the pilot. The se­curity of objects and persons, civil servants, members of govern­ment and visitors to the govern­ment buildings, working in a safe and integrated manner, and the continuity of management will be included in the pilot as well.

The results of the pilot will be­come part of a model approach which other municipalities and public entities can use as a guide to promote security within their organisations. The results of the pilot will enable other munici­palities and public entities to gain insight into the strong and weak aspects of their security policy.

The know-how and experience gathered during the pilot should make local governments more resilient against sub­versive influences and pres­sures. The BZK Ministry wants to support local gov­ernments in developing a broad security approach for their own organisations.

Minister of Home Af­fairs and Kingdom Rela­tions Raymond Knops said a resilient government is of great importance. “The subversion of local govern­ments damages the trust in government. Working safely and securely is a basic requirement for the proper functioning of the public administration.” According to Knops, poli­ticians and civil servants should be able to carry out their public duties in a secure and safe working environment, free from undesired influence or threats.

The Daily Herald.

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