Sunday , April 2 2023

Saba fishermen unite and form the Saba Fishermen Association, SFA

Born out of concern about their future and the future of the fishing industry in Saba, the fishermen of Saba came together to form an association, the Saba Fishermen Association (SFA). The association is comprised of the commercial and recreational fishers that fish in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Saba, which lies within the Saba Bank and the surrounding waters of Saba in the appropriate fishing zones. Their goal is to have a positive impact in the community while sustainably securing the future of the fishing industry in Saba.

The Saba Bank is an important resource for the Saba fishermen, and the co-management of this marine resource is a large, but necessary undertaking to safeguard its future. Fisheries have a fundamental economic, ecological, and societal value for the island of Saba. With Saba’s small community, there are many opportunities and challenges in managing this type of marine resource. To ensure sustainability, there must be a local cooperation. The fisherman will play a crucial role in management and can bring a collective voice to the table.

The formation of this association was facilitated by marine resource consultant Dahlia Hassell of the consultancy ConnecSea with the support of the Public Entity Saba and in particular Commissioner Bruce Zagers, who continuously supports the local fishermen of Saba.

The board of the SFA consists of Hemmie van Xanten, (President), Cassandra Holm (Treasurer), Otto de Vries (Secretary), Ryan Hassell (Board Member), and Bradley Johnson (Board Member).

The SFA would like to invite the public of Saba to celebrate the first chapter of its journey at the Deep End, Fort Bay at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, 21 December. Music will be provided by DJ Zander Zone.

The board and fishermen of the SFA would also like to wish everyone best wishes for the holidays and the upcoming year of 2020.


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