Sunday , March 26 2023

When may you light off fireworks?

Volonteer event Saba Doet on Friday March 13th and Saturday March 14th
Government is hiring a goat controller

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  1. This is a decision of the local government. The animal Foundation has the right to make official objections!
    In the Netherlands fireworks may only be fired in the permitted areas exclusively from 31 December 6 pm to 1 January 2 am?
    This is based on the national Fireworks Decree.
    Article 2.3.6 Fireworks Decree stipulates that it is forbidden to light consumer fireworks at a different time than between 31 December 6 pm and 1 January 2 am of the following year. Lighting the fireworks is then allowed, because the use of fireworks is linked to the festivities around the turn of the year.
    Also on Bonaire the firework regulation is in accordance with Dutch legislation